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Xuclà is a company located in Olot (Girona), which since over 50 years is working in the design and construction of machinery for the food industry (transport, logistics, hygiene, disinfection and washing).

At our two production centers, we design and build washing and disinfection cabinets for carts and shelves, washing cabinets for containers and trolleys, washing and drying tunnels for plastic trays, and pallets, hygienic entrances, etc.

We also excel in design, consulting, development and installation of meat quartering rooms, conveyors, kettles and a wide range of machinery and utensils made in stainless steel for the food process industry.

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 In recent years we have got to consolidate our washers for boxes and containers, as well as our lines of hygienic equipment  for all sectors of the food processing industry applying three pillars in our designs: EXCELLENCE  IN WASHING AND DRYING, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY ( SAVING WATER AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION) AND COMPETITIVENESS what has led us to sell our equipment with excellent results in some of the most important companies in the food industry in Spain, France, Latin America, Asia and part of Southwest Europe.

Crates & Tray Washers

The washing tunnel serial “ESFERA” model 1.300 with return and dragging chain, is a tunnel that can wash 1.300 U/h, tha water of washing tank is heated by 6 electrical resistances,his pre-washing step with cold water, his wash step with hot and soapy water,and his rising with water of water system make it a good result.

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Cabinet Washers

Euro bin. New cabinet for washing trolleys of 200 L. Production 20-30 u/h. A more compact and ergonomic design intended for medium-sized productions. Loading and unloading of the trolleys is automatic. Upturning of the trolleys at 180 degrees assures a maximum cleaning surface. Automatic pre-wash-wash-rinse cycle in 



Machine for the washing-sterilized of 25 to 40 knife holder and gloves of mesh. (Depending on the type of knife holder)

It consists of a water tank heated by electrical resistances. From water tank a pump sucks and sends the heated water to the sprinklers with rotary movement and performs the wash and sterilise the knife holders .
Wash temperature 85 ° C.
The rinsing water is recovered in the wash tank.
The cycle takes approximately 10 minutes (adjustable).
Each cycle is recorded in a computer file that allows a computer save for later reference.
Disinfection system is according the existing European legislation effective against e-coli, listeria and salmonella.
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Cupboard for washing and sterilizing of knife holders

Cupboard for washing and sterilizing of knife holders.
It has got a water tank, heated by means of electrical resistances. From the tank one pump sucks up in order to feed some nozzles with a rotary movement that do the washing, the rinsing and the sterilizing process.
The full machine cycle has got washing, rinsing and polished-sterilized functions.
Capacity:  20 knife holders
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