Tray Sealing Machines

Trave Tray Sealing Benefits

Tray Sealing
  • Are the culmination of over 40 years experience in designing building and selling tray sealers.
  • Includes the new Mondini Platform Concept at its heart delivering our our brand values of: Security, Experience, Performance, Flexibility.
  • Combines a new screw lifting system with Mondini world leading tool design to achieve complete control over the parameters of the packaging technology.
  • Combines the latest innovations in engineering technology, tray sealing, hygiene concepts and fine control over important packaging system parameters.
  • Have a unique design removing the supporting columns around the tool area thus opening access to the important parts of the system.
  • Allows multiple packaging formats on the one machine without compromise on performance or security of the final package.

Trave Construction

Built around unique frame design means the machine are thinner but

Tray Sealing Machines 10
  • Guaranteed sealing pressure up to 8,000kg.
  • Solid base delivers exceptional security and performance.
  • Thin construction reducing floor space.
  • Open area for perfect Human machine interface.
  • Heavy duty construction giving durability and long life.
  • Innovative features on hygienic design.
  • Electrical panel always on top of machine.

Mechanical Seal Generator

Unique to G Mondini is the key component of the Trave

Tray Sealing Machines 11
  • It creates the sealing force internally, it does not rely on or is affected by external sources such as flows, pressure, temperatures, etc.
  • Improved sealing in contaminated conditions.
  • Better performance with thin materials.
  • No limit on number of tool cavities.
  • Cycle after cycle it creates exactly the same sealing process in terms of motion and sealing force.
  • Shorter sealing times.
  • Seal integrity less affected by inconsistent tray thickness.
  • Sufficient power to reach the optimum setting with all packaging materials and to keep a high output.


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