Pentavac Equipment

Pentavac Equipment

Pentavac Equipment 1

P5100 TS

Penta 5100 TS is the second generation of the horizontal packaging machines Pentavac. It has been born to respond the expectations of a wide and demanding customer base, with particular reference to hardware products, among which we mention home furnishings, sanitary and industrial fittings, and generally all the products which cannot be moved by means …

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Pentavac Equipment 2


It is manufactured in two versions: the first one is for pillow bags, largely spread in the sector of small metal and plastic parts, for example the fittings sector; the second version is for fragile food products such as biscuits, for medium and low speed.

Pentavac Equipment 3


The DOY BAG according to Pentavac idea. The machine can also realize POUCH BAGS, also for all those products that will be sterilized in autoclave. Endowed with Brushless motors, it can be designed to apply zip or adhesive label for bag reclosure.

Pentavac Equipment 4


The PENTAVAC X MOTION, thanks to the BOX MOTION technology, that allows it to be the fastest PENTAVAC machine, will overturn the concept of the packaging machines for mozzarella. Introduced recently in a dairy, it is applied for coffee capsules and snacks. The vertical movement of the sealers allows to absorb the shock of product …

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Pentavac Equipment 5


The FLASH UP reaches better performances thanks to the Brushless motors. These ones move the horizontal sealer as well as the driving belts.

Pentavac Equipment 6


A “step” over the previous P3100, the STEP UP is in electro-pneumatic version. The power of the sealer is obtained through a gear that works as a power multiplier.

Pentavac Equipment 7


P2100, the best seller of the family, is evolving. Now in the new version ANNIVERSARY HS: greater power during the sealing and greater speed thanks to Brushless motors. The name ANNIVERSARY celebrates the twentieth year of the company. During the design of the machine particular attention was given to the safety devices and to reduce …


Pentavac Equipment 8


The name ANNIVERSARY celebrates the twentieth year of the company. It embodies the idea of strength and reliability overcoming its predecessors and competitors in the same field. All this is combined with a new catchy design, obtained thanks to a smart use of the steel that gives it smooth and muscular lines at the same …


Pentavac Equipment 9


“The small machine with big ideas” was the slogan of the PENTA 2000. PICCOLA can be defined as an homage to the “ancestor” that had similar features such as film width and speed

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