Our Partners

Partners 1


The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion for optimization and industrial innovation to become a true leader in the field
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Partners 2


Eagle Product Inspection delivers continuous protection of your products to safeguard your brand reputation and customers’ wellbeing.
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Partners 3


Pentavac has an important presence not only in Italy, but also around the world; a presence that is increasing every day, from Europe to all the continents.
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Partners 4


More than 30 years accompanying our customers with own and innovative designs, developing new packaging solutions and packaging systems.
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Partners 5


Tavil solutions are programmed to work in a multiformat system, able to memorise different recipes which are linked to automatic changeovers for every part of the packing and palletising line.
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Partners 6


Combining the Mondini Trave with the Mondini Platformer your packaging line becomes what could be defined as a thermosealer.
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Partners 7


Bilwinco is a market leader in multihead weighing. Our strength is flexibility and our know-how that allows us to design the best custom-built solutions.
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Partners 8


Metalquimia is the world leader in technology and machinery for the manufacture of cooked and marinated meat products.
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