Seafood Solutions 100

Seafood Solutions from Bilwinco in association with Pharmafoods

The BILWINCO range of multihead weighers covers portion sizes from 10 g up to 500 kg and a total weighing output of up to 300 kg per minute.

Seafood Solutions from Bilwinco - the benefits at a glance.

  • High Speed Multihead with Vertical Form Fill and Bagging Line for fresh and frozen meat.
  • Meeting fixed weight demand with virtually no rejects
  • Hygiene is perfected for the shelf life to be guaranteed
  • Flexible and easy cleaning for frequent product changeovers
  • Radial feeder vibration to prevent marinated products from sticking to surface
Seafood Solutions 101
Seafood Solutions 119
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Seafood Solutions 120
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Seafood Solutions 121
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