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THERMOCOMPUTER: Fully automatic and computerized massaging of all product types

The THERMOCOMPUTER, computer-controlled meat processing system, can process in a fully automatic way without labor assistance different types of products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Its possibilities of automatic control of several process parameters and its great versatility of operation results in the obtainment of a finished product with higher quality and final yield, regardless of the kind of meat used or the size of the pieces.

  • Adjustable programs for tumbling/massaging action
  • Incorporated controlled refrigeration
  • Maximum tilting of the drum for quick unloading
  • Foam free
  • Calculation of optimal production schedules
  • Strong suction flow at high vacuum rates
  • Selectable drum spinning speed
  • Maximum traceability of performed operations
  • Automatically performed Clean-in-Place cycle
thermocomputer 1200

Thermocomputer 1200

thermocomputer 2000

Thermocomputer 2000

thermocomputer 3000

Thermocomputer 3000

thermocomputer 3000x

Thermocomputer 3000X

thermocomputer 4000

Thermocomputer 4000

thermocomputer 4000x

Thermocomputer 4000X

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