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Thermocomputers 1


THERMOCOMPUTER: Fully automatic and computerized massaging of all product types

The THERMOCOMPUTER, computer-controlled meat processing system, can process in a fully automatic way without labor assistance different types of products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Its possibilities of automatic control of several process parameters and its great versatility of operation results in the obtainment of a finished product with higher quality and final yield, regardless of the kind of meat used or the size of the pieces.

thermocomputer 1200

Thermocomputer 1200

thermocomputer 2000

Thermocomputer 2000

thermocomputer 3000

Thermocomputer 3000

thermocomputer 3000x

Thermocomputer 3000X

thermocomputer 4000

Thermocomputer 4000

thermocomputer 4000x

Thermocomputer 4000X

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