Meat Tenderising Machines
Meat Tenderising Machines 1

Meat Tenderising Machines

FILOGRIND/AUTOGRIND: Better yield and reduced cooking loss

The FILOGRIND/AUTOGRIND range Meat Tenderisers produce a multitude of cuts in the meat muscle, increasing the surface for extraction of miofibrillar proteins, reducing cooking loss, improving yield, minimising defects in inter-muscular binding and preventing the appearance of holes in the product’s slice. Provide for a better distribution of the brine ingredients, improving standard deviations in the analytical results of the finished product.

Filogrind-Autogrind Mod.360

Filogrind/ Autogrind Mod.360

Filogrind Mod. 5500

Filogrind Mod. 5500

Filogrind-Autogrind 360 Twin

Filogrind/Autogrind 360 Twin

Filogrind-Autogrind 5500 Twin

Filogrind/Autogrind 5500 Twin

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