Meat Injectors MOVIPLUS
Meat Injectors MOVIPLUS 1

Meat Injectors MOVIPLUS

MOVIPLUS INJECTORS: A real PLUS in Meat Injection Technology

Smart Injection: version 4.0 designed for the cyber-industry of the future Electro-Hydraulic Operation, controlled by PLC and Display Increased operating cycles = increased productivity Device for selecting injection process: Single or Twin Head Optimized separation between heads for differential injection Tenderizing head adjustable per cycle for maximum protein extraction SPRAYPLUS® Technology for optimization of Distribution (optional) UP&DOWN System for skin-on products (optional) For bone-in / boneless injection (depending on model) Great simplicity of needle extraction for inspection, cleaning and sanitation Totally cutting-edge design for optimal hygiene and food safety

moviplus version4000

Moviplus version 4.0

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