Meat Processing
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Meat Processing 1


Solutions for Injectors, Tumblers/Massagers, Meat defrosting, Tenderising

Pharmafoods is the exlusive supplier for all Metalquima line products on the island of Ireland

METALQUIMIA is considered by its customers all over the world to be a global leader in technology and manufacture of complete turn-key lines for the production of meat products. The product range includes Injectors, Messagers, vacuum tumblers, de-icers etc.

Meat Processing 2
Meat Processing 3

Brine preperation

Fast, controlled and efficient preparation of any type of brine or marinade

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new-Movistick 60 PC

spray meat injectors

MOVISTICK: Uniform brine distribution and maximum injection precision

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Movistick Plus 3000

spry meat injectors - plus

MOVISTICK PLUS: Cutting edge design with optimized spray injection

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moviplus version4000

meat injectors moviplus

MOVIPLUS INJECTORS: A real PLUS in Meat Injection Technology

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triplex injectors

Injector Movistick Triplex

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Auvistick Plus 130

marinating injectors

AUVISTICK: Spray marinating of bone-in or boneless meat

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lines for bacon

BACONLINE: Spray marinating boneless bacon

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Rotary Filter FR-30

brine filters

Automatic filtering control of all brine types

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injector accessories

Needleclean: Automatic cleaning and sanitation of needles

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Filogrind-Autogrind Mod.360

meat tenderising machines

FILOGRIND/AUTOGRIND: Better yield and reduced cooking loss

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Multiblade 4500

blade meat tenderising

BLADETENDER & MULTIBLADE: Optimum tenderization for cook-in products

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Twinhammer 4500

meat pre massaging

BLADEHAMMER & TWINHAMMER: Significant reductions of total processing time

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Thermomat 6X

automatic meat massaging

THERMOMAT: Automatic vacuum reactors with cooling sleeve, totally versatile

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turbomeat px-500

meat massaging turbomeat process


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thermocomputer 4000x


THERMOCOMPUTER: Fully automatic and computerized massaging of all product types

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Marinating massagers

MARINATOR: Massaging reactors for marinated products and Drybinder system for optimising brine retention

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Visit the Metalquima website for more information on all the available technologies

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