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Limitech 1

Mixing, Cooking & Cooling

Limitech A/S was founded several decades ago by founding Father Anders Jellesen who has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. His know-how and skilled expertise have laid the foundation for the process lines to especially the food industry but quickly expanded to industries for pet food, beverages, sport nutrition, personal-care, pharma, chemical, etc

Pharmafoods is the exclusive supplier for all Limitech machines

The process solutions, technology and knowhow has been refined through the years with additions to the engineering, technical, craft shop and office department till today where Limitech is known worldwide with its multifunctional processes both in form of stand-alone machines and full process lines. Limitech strives to maintain close relationships with its customers since its first footsteps back decades ago and to be quickly available on sites when needed. Therefore, the company has extended the family and found employees fitting into the family spirit as well as benefiting from each of their professional skills to the family business. This has made an expansion of the engineering, technical, marketing and production departments at Limitech A/S.

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