Tavil, Leaders in Automatic Multiformat Packing & Palletizing Lines
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Tavil, Leaders in Automatic Multiformat Packing & Palletizing Lines

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The origins of Tavil can be traced back to 1925, to a location in North-eastern Spain. Since then, Tavil is now a technological leader in the production of multiformat packaging solutions with a 102.000 m2 production site that specialises in the construction of machinery and automatic lines with the ability to changeover to suit the needs of an ever-changing requirements for the packaging market. As such Tavil is constantly investing in its research and development of its industrial and electronic engineering departments to help the needs of each individual client.

Lean Manufacturing.

To help adapt and become more efficient in today’s climate, Tavil have adapted the Lean manufacturing theory within its organisation to help optimise its performance. This theory is based on focusing on minimising waste within a company while also not comprising the productivity of the company. An example of this is combining the expertise of two skilled workers together to work on a project rather than leaving it to an individual. Due to implementing this theory, Tavil have seen an increase in their waste management, ensuring that nothing is wasted, and each project is being completed with utmost efficiency


As stated previously, Tavil is a leader in multiformat packaging solutions. They specialise in the ability to provide automatic loading solutions with high experience in various different types of packaging mediums such as flexible packaging, bottles, and canned packaging with different teams in place to ensure each packaging project is handled by a group of experienced staff.  

Tavil’s multiformat packaging line allows for automatic changeover, meaning that all machinery at the end of the line is ready to be used within 4 seconds depending on which packaging is required. If there are different box sizes and or designs, the operator can easily input this new information to allow the multiformat to adapt to the changes and allow for the line to continue in operation.

Tavil provides different solutions depending on the need of the packaging requirement. This can be seen with the High-speed line solution for their Multiformat line. This configuration allows for up to 500 different box formats while also being able to produce up to 2,700 boxes per hour, allowing for companies to keep up with demand.

Tavil also provides a multiline configuration for their Multiformat, allowing for up to 4 different packaging formats to occur simultaneously while also being able to produce up to 1,300 boxes per hour. This multiline can be completely customizable from the control panel, allowing your company to change which packaging format to be used on the line.

For packaging operations involving pallets, Tavil has created a solution with their Multiformat lines, allowing companies to have completely automatic solutions in regard to multi-pallet, finished pallet transfers as well with wrapper, labeller, and other devices.

This can be installed for a variety of pallet solutions, allowing the multiformat to palletize boxes, trays, and bales. This solution communicates using SCADA, which gathers information in real time from remote locations in order to monitor and control the equipment and its conditions, allowing for immediate operational check ups to occur.


It’s clear to see how this automatic changeover used in the Multiformat can benefit clients who wish to implement Tavil’s multiformat lines within their business as this ease of use and ease of changeover will lead to an increase of productivity and efficiency within the company due to the machinery rarely being down because of the ability to change the packaging need quickly and effectively.

Another great benefit of Tavil’s Multiformat line is the ability to change the needs for the packaging design which can offer businesses a great deal of flexibility, being able to adapt to an ever-changing market need in packaging design at the touch of an operator screen is incredibly beneficial for any company.

It’s with these benefits in automatic changeover and product flexibility that companies that introduce the Multiformat line can see a cost saving within their business due to reducing the need for different functioning machinery in favour of Tavil’s Multiformat. As such this can free up space within a business allowing for future project plans to happen

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