Seal Our Seafood Paperseal & Atlantis Seafood

Seal Our Seafood Paperseal & Atlantis Seafood

Sustainable progress in action, bringing seafood to customers from sea to fork using the latest Paperseal biodegradable packaging.

Atlantis Seafoods is the first seafood company in Ireland to make the decision to switch to sustainable cardboard packaging and reduce plastic by 80%.

Follow the process from the moment the raw fish fillets from Kilmore Quay are placed on Mondini Trave 350 trays, through to the breading and coating until the perfectly sealed finished product rolls of the production line ready for same day delivery to retailers.

From shore to store our video shows the Paperseal process as haddock goujons, breaded hake and other seafood products at every stage of production until they are sealed using Paperseal’s unique sealing technology to ensure product quality and seal in freshness. The trays are then labeled and ready to go.
Seal Our Seafood Paperseal & Atlantis Seafood 1
PharmaFoods believe manufacturers must turn the tide, by replacing unnecessary single use plastic packaging with sustainable biodegradable packaging.  Today’s environmentally aware consumers are basing their purchasing decisions increasingly on environmental factors and are supporting sustainable eco-friendly businesses, while not compromising on freshness or food quality.


PharmaFoods are proud partners of Atlantis Seafoods. Working together to turn the tide.

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