G.Mondini’s new MCL70/140 Crate Loaders

G.Mondini’s new MCL70/140 Crate Loaders

As always, it’s great to see our partners G. Mondini Spa creating new and exciting solutions for tray loading situations.

The MCL140 Series is a versatile and cost-effective end-of-line solution for a variety of industries, including food production. The MCL140 Crate Loader is equipped with a robot at 2 or 3 axes, providing unrivaled flexibility and the ability to handle complex pick-up positions and different tray organization combinations.

One of the key advantages of the MCL140 Series is its low total cost of ownership (TCO).

G.Mondini, the manufacturer of the MCL140, is a turn-key solution partner for food technology, providing high-quality, reliable products that are designed with the highest engineering standards and a focus on product safety. This reduces the overall cost of ownership and ensures a long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

The MCL140 Series also boasts a hygienic design, featuring a stainless steel frame with low roughness and hole-free welds. The open design allows for easy cleaning and inspection, ensuring the maintenance of high hygiene standards.

Other features of the MCL140 Series include an ergonomic design for ease of use, perfect stability, and easy inspection. It also has a common development platform and a wide range of settings, as well as the use of common electrical parts with other G.Mondini equipment. Overall, the MCL140 Series is a highly versatile, cost-effective, and reliable end-of-line solution for food production and other industries.

For more information on G. Mondini Spa and their solutions visit their solutions at https://pharmafoods.ie/equipment/mondini-trave-340/https://pharmafoods.ie/
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