Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

PharmaFoods recognises the importance of all sectors of Irish food manufacturing to the Irish economy. We supply equipment to dairy producers as well as producers of fruit and veg, fish, meat and poultry and convenience foods, snacks and soups.

We’re conscious that environmentally-aware consumers are basing their purchasing decisions increasingly on environmental factors and are supporting sustainable eco-friendly businesses.

Plastic waste is choking our oceans, devastating marine life and destroying our planet. PharmaFoods believes manufacturers must turn the tide by replacing unnecessary single-use plastic packaging with sustainable biodegradable packaging.

For food packaging to work, it must hold, protect freshness and present the food from producer to consumer, while meeting market demands for sustainable materials.

PharmaFoods is leading the way with Paperseal, a unique format tray sealer that will remove tonnes of plastic from the food chain and reduce the carbon footprint of individual food manufacturers while fully protecting the produce.

Aldi, one of Ireland’s fast growing supermarket chains, was one of the first major food giants to recognise Paperseal’s cost-benefit to the environment, while meeting the high standards demanded by the Irish food industry.

cardboard steak packaging
Aldi has introduced cardboard packaging across its steak range

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