DSI Dantech’s Plate Freezing Technology
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DSI Dantech’s Plate Freezing Technology

Our partners at DSI Dantech, are constantly at the forefront of providing their customers with the latest innovations for freezing solutions in the food processing sector.

With solutions in plate freezing methods, DSI are able to provide a 30% reduction in energy usage while also having a small footprint within a business.

By using horizontal freezing methods with direct and double contact freezing points, your company can bulk freeze products at an efficient rate with one of the fastest freezing technologies on the market. DSI Dantech's Plate Freezing Technology 1

This method can also be used in combination with automation features to allow your company to lower their manual labour costs.DSI Dantech's Plate Freezing Technology 2

While vertical freezing methods can be used to allow for the product to loose very little quality and quantity while also speeding up the freezing process due to the product being poured between vertical plates allowing for no air in the block.

DSI Dantech's Plate Freezing Technology 3

DSI’S plate freezers are completely customisable, allowing for businesses of all sizes to have the opportunity to employ their technology within their business to quickly freeze their product after processing it.

DSI Dantech's Plate Freezing Technology 4

For more information regarding DSI Dantech and their solutions including plate freezing, book a meeting with us below

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