Colimatic-Thermoforming Machines

Colimatic-Thermoforming Machines


The Colimatic group was started in 1973 in Northern Italy. This small plant would be the beginning of the Italian based manufacturing company. The company began with focusing its producing in automatic Thermoforming machinery with Vacuum solutions. Throughout the years and into the latest century, Colimatic began to open up newer sites and branches around the world while launching newer, updated versions of the popular machinery.

This functionable and reliable machinery helped Colimatic hold its position as a world leader in the packaging market, and with its newer additions into the world of automatic lines for ready meals, The now Colimatic Group was ready to lead the rest of the world in Thermoforming automatic packaging lines with its newest addition being a breakthrough within the Medical Packaging Industry.



With the current climate crisis, Colimatic have made it their mission to provide its customers with Sustainable packaging machinery.



This solution allows Colimatic to provides its customers with an ecological and recyclable package without comprising on the cost of the product.

This process combines the advantages that come with using in-line thermoforming machine (Hygienic and productivity) with the pleasant appearance of the pack due it being made with a tray sealer. This solution also significantly reduces the use of plastic due to packs being made from a reel instead of pre-cut sheets.

This reel is composed of 90% recycled goods, such as cardboard, while the remaining 10% is made up from a plastic film.

The Webskin solution allows companies to have complete control on how they wish to package their goods. With this technology, companies are able to shrink, and vacuum wrap their products, with further possible packaging options still available depending on the product.



Colimatic produce a range of machinery to help with each of customers’ demands, depending on the situation at hand. For example, the Thera 250.

For companies that are limited in space, Colimatic offer the Thera 250, which is

a reduced thermoforming machine, that is both efficient in its operation as well at being competitively priced in the market. This line is excellent for companies that wish to increase their production by using an automatic packaging system for the first time.

For larger scale operations, Colimatic offer a range of solutions, from their medium to high end production needs, the Thera 450 and 500




For larger scale operations, Colimatic offer a range of solutions, from their medium to high end production needs, the Thera 450 and 500 are options companies can use to help boost their production, due to features such as, hinged chambers, to allow for easy maintenance or for the ability to quickly  change out the format, to suit the packaging need. These thermoforming machineries are also equipped with an operator panel and safety system, which will allow the machine to detect any safety hazards within the machinery, stop the machine and then activate a remote assistance service to allow for quicker reaction times.

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This machinery still runs with sustainability in mind. With 30% savings on film waste due to the vacuum system that is in use as well both the gear motors being used with high efficiency, and the cooling circuit using water recycling to help reduce its water waste operations. The technology used in this machinery also allows for both 100% Recyclable paper and mono-materials to be used in operations while also reducing the thickness of the film used. This machinery also allows its users to see a reduction in the energy used by 40%, this is achievable by reducing the energy wasted by dynamic braking resistances used within the machinery.Colimatic-Thermoforming Machines 2



Medical Device Packaging

Due to the Thera machinery being able to change the format of the good that is being packaged, the ability to package a variety of medical devices is easily achievable. From packaging vials, syringes and bags, the Thera thermoforming machinery is capable of providing a solution for all medical device packaging needs.

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