Bilwinco’s Solutions and Applications

Bilwinco’s Solutions and Applications

With over 5,000 instalments made across the world and over 60 years’ experience , Bilwinco are amongst the most respected companies, not only in their field, of multihead weighers but worldwide.

By combining their existing solutions and technologies with the ability to be innovative, Bilwinco will forever be able to provide your company with an effective solution within your business regardless of if the solution is for various types of food or if it is being used for hardware products.

One of the main solutions provided by Bilwinco is there Revolution Weighers. This solution can not only cover portion sizes from 10 grams up to 25 kilograms but can also weigh out up to 300 portions per minute.

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This stainless-steel solution is quick and easy for replacement of parts while also keeping the downtime of production lines to a minimum, this is due to its modular design.

This weigher, alongside all other Bilwinco products can be quipped with a mobile support frame, designed to allow businesses for versatile and flexible weighing and packaging solution within their company.

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Bilwinco also supplies automatic transport and feeding systems as a cost-effective product feed for the system weigher.

All Infeed systems are supplied to the specific production allowing for a complete synchronized ensuring a uniform feed flow for the production line.

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