Assigned, Sealed & Delivered Pharmafoods & Aveo Partnership in Perfection

Assigned, Sealed & Delivered Pharmafoods & Aveo Partnership in Perfection

Aveo’s tasty meal selection as the meals go through the production line on the G.Mondini Tray sealer. Safe, sustainable solution at each step of the process from the moment the ingredients are placed on the trays until they roll into the Mondini Trave tray sealing technology machines to be sealed using the latest in premium packaging, ensuring product quality and freshness. The trays are then labelled and the finished product packed into cardboard boxes ready to be delivered to retailers.


Plastic waste is choking our oceans, devastating marine life and destroying our planet. Pharmafoods is leading the way with Paperseal, the unique format tray sealer which will remove tonnes of plastic waste from the food chain and reduce the carbon foot print of individual food manufacturers while fully protecting the produce. Today’s environmentally aware consumers are basing their purchasing decisions increasingly on environmental factors and are supporting sustainable eco-friendly businesses. For food packaging to work it must hold, protect freshness and present the food from producer to consumer while meeting market demands for sustainable materials and that is what Paperseal delivers.

Pharmafoods are proud that Aveo Meals choose them and their partner G Mondini to develop their brand, ensuring a bright future for all.

Hyat Syed MD and owner of Aveo “Choosing Pharmafoods was the best decision we have made. Their expertise in all production areas from process-packing and inspection technology is second to none. I feel safe in the hands of Pharmafoods as their after sales service is excellent.”

Aveo and Pharmafoods – working together for a better future.

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