Mondini Trave 340

Mondini Trave 340

Compact and stylish with the very latest technology

Mondini Trave 340 combining high performance in a compact design whilst still delivering all the benefits of the PLATFORM Technology. The TRAVE-340 is the smallest tray sealer in the range but is still a fully automatic system built on the same principles as the rest of the TRAVE range. It can be used as a single unit or easily integrated into a fully automatic packaging system. This compact unit delivers high performance on all levels with an unsurpassed level of reliability.

  • Avoidance of contact between extended flat surfaces
  • No closed cavities which can trap water and dirt
  • Enclosed motors
  • No sensors below travelling plane
  • Reduction of exposed nuts and bolts to increase ease of cleaning
  • One main electrical cabinet situated on top of machine

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