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Additional features & benefits include

  • SimulTask™ 5 control and image processing software provides additional inspection routines including missing component, broken items, count, shape and position placement – delivering greater functionality and value to maximize return on investment.
  • Eagle Repository™ allows convenient on-screen review of production statistics as well as rejected and saved images.
  • Advanced 20-watt low power generator eliminates traditional air conditioner cooling for reduced energy consumption.
  • Electrical safety circuits meet Category 3 (EN954) and Performance Level “d” (PLd, EN13849) criteria.
  • IP65 ingress protection; type 304 stainless steel 180 grit brushed finish on enclosure and main component surfaces.
  • Reject options include 24 VDC signal only; stop belt; integrated single or dual air blast with either nozzle or fan; integrated push-off reject; remote mounted single or dual air blast, remote mounted push-off; includes consecutive reject & X out of Y reject program. Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.

EPX 100

The Eagle EPX100 is the next generation x-ray system for packaged foods and other consumer goods. Safe, simple to use and smart, the EPX100 is a solution for a wide variety of users from small to mid-sized manufacturers, contract packagers, seasonal operators and global companies looking to standardize their equipment.

EPX100  is a low energy x-ray system that is simple to use with intuitive software and system controls. It improves product safety and helps you meet regulatory compliance – a high value detection system for packaged products to meet your needs.

By bringing versatility to product inspection, it can detect a range of hard to-find contaminants in a variety of packaging formats.

Multiple benefits brings value to your manufacturing line:

  • High-value x-ray technology providing superior contaminant detection and weight verification
  • Environmentally friendly green solution
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Product application flexibility
  • Improved visibility and statistical data
  • Digital connectivity – online machine access and support


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