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Additional features & benefits include

  • Optional Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) dual-energy technology increases contaminant detection in difficult product applications, such as vegetables, nuts, cereals and other raw food ingredients
  • Unique cupped belt design keeps product on the belt, promotes uniformity of flow, and reduces spillage
  • Tool-less belt removal promotes ease of cleaning and maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Proprietary SimulTask™ PRO image processing software ensures compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis and quality assurance traceability
  • Eagle Repository™ allows convenient review of production statistics, rejected and manually – saved images through the user interface. Information can be transferred to a PC or network via USB memory stick, with statistics and reports viewable using a standard internet browser
  • TraceServer™ software enhances data collection and transfer to plant wide information systems
  • Built in modem and Ethernet card enable remote technical support
  • Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.

Bulk 415 pro

The Eagle Bulk 415 PRO maximizes contaminant removal while cutting product waste and reducing downtime to boost line efficiency for dry bulk product applications such as nuts, grains, granola, sugar, cereals, coffee and other high-volume bulk products.

The Bulk 415 PRO will help manufacturers comply with stringent HACCP principles and food safety requirements by providing superior detection and automatic rejection of the following foreign bodies in the Food industry:

The x-ray machine’s unique cupped belt construction is ideal for efficient transport, contamination inspection and rejection of high-volume loose flow product. This proprietary belt design promotes uniform flow of product while reducing spillage and product loss. The unique placement of the infeed shoot reduces dust and product blowback limiting wear on bearings and other active components thereby increasing machine longevity, especially for fine granular product applications such as sugar.

An innovative four-lane flap rejection mechanism, each covering one quarter of the belt, helps to ensure contamination is removed from the production process while keeping the ejection of good product to a minimum. This not only cuts the risk of substandard product reaching end consumers, but also reduces product waste, protecting profits and enhancing efficiency.

With impressive contamination detection capabilities, the system provides 485 mm (19”) of detection coverage at the belt and high-speed imaging up to 64 meters per minute (210 FPM).


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