Eagle™ X-ray Inspection Systems
Eagle™ X-ray Inspection Systems 1

Eagle™ X-ray Inspection Systems

Eagle™ provides world-class x-ray inspection systems designed for accurate detection of physical contaminants and a wide range of quality checks within packaged, unpackaged and bulk goods in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmafoods is the exclusive supplier for all Eagle inspection machines on the island of Ireland

Our x-ray equipment gives manufacturers the assurance that Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles are met. With customized solutions tailored to customers' specific product inspection/application requirements, our x-ray detection systems offer a cost-effective solution to avoid product recalls and customer complaints. Eagle™ x-ray inspection equipment is available in various sizes to accommodate different products and with environmental ratings of IP65, IP69K, NAMI/RMI to suit various production environments.

Eagle™ X-ray Inspection Systems

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