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DYlight 30
DYlight 31


To best meet requirements from an increasingly complex and competitive market, Dylog has added the DYlight to its long-established range of DYmond and DYnamite vertical inspection “belt” machines – which can be classified as a smaller version of the DYmond range (low power machines). The DYlight was designed to supply the market with a specific device for light, compact food products (snacks, energy bars, sweets, powder products), for which a very low power is sufficient.

Easy to use, thanks to excellent user-friendly software and optimised mechanical solutions, as well as a compact size, the machines give customers a “plug&play” solution that is extremely simple to position on the production line.

The compact design makes the machine suitable for small spaces, without the need to alter the production line. These characteristics make the DYlight particularly innovative as easy installation in small spaces has always been a critical factor for the X-ray machine industry.

Plus the DYlight, like all vertical inspection machines, has been configured for advanced weight control functions and to manage multi-line inspections using specific hardware devices.

Products that maybe inspected

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