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The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field. After nearly half a century of success and continuous developments, we consider ourselves a big family, devoted to those professional values, which allow us to approach our customers as a partner, as well as a supplier.

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The COLIGROUP packaging machinery range includes: vacuum chamber machines, flowpack combined systems and the thermoforming machines, which are the Coligroup’s core business. Labeling, printing & dosing systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are our optional. These make our packaging systems complete, efficient and unique! All COLIMATIC machines are designed and exclusively personalized according to our customers exact requirements.

Thermoforming machines


he distinctive trait of our thermoforming THERA 650, is its modular frame. This makes it suitable to any kind of packaging need, die configuration and speeds: making this machine also a versatile option.

Our THERA 650 is equipped with the best Colimatic technology: thanks to its high outputs, it is the perfect solution for high productions and big-sized products.

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The best Colimatic technology at the service of medium-high production. Full versatility guaranteed by a large loading area and additional space for the integration of accessories after the sealing area.

Available for vaccum MAP, SKIN and SHRINK technologies.

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Our Thera 450 grants high Colimatic technology, at the service of medium production needs.

This is the ideal packaging solution for companies requiring professional outputs in any kind of working environment.

SKIN and SHRINK technologies.

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Our THERA 250, thanks to Its extremely reduced dimensions, high efficiency and competitive price, perfectly suits our customers in need to increase their production, for the first time using an automatic packaging system. Thera 250: compact, reliable and convenient.

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Compact, efficient and affordable, the Thera100 has the best price-to-performance rate. This is the perfect solution to fit into narrow areas with no reduction in terms of efficiency. It is available for all packaging technologies: vacuum, MAP and SKIN

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The THERA650 thermoforming line, thanks to a patented system designed by our R&D dept, realizes an aluminum pack with a Tyvec “window” to let ETO gas inlet during sterilization. This is an intelligent evolution of the traditional and costly inner/outer double packaging, which consist in having the suture needle packed with aluminum and furthermore in a second packaging in plastic/paper o Tyvec.

  • After sterilization the 4-neeldes-packs are moved to Blanking machine in order to be automatically sealed and cut into shape with an integral cutting system. The final pack has a “top easy peel” to allow the opening directly on the surgery table without any contamination.
  • This efficient packaging leads to a cost reduction up to 35%.
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