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Automatic & Manual Check Weigh and Labelling Systems

It was DIGI, which produced the world's first electronic price computing scale, the world's first electronic balance with an integrated printer, and the world's first scale with thermal printing and word processing technology - all of which became standard features for balances.

DIGI Automatic & Manual Check Weigh - the benefits at a glance.

  • Dynamic weighing and a high speed labeler allows up to 120ppm
  • Single framed modular design
  • Large colour touch screen which aids easy programming
  • Static weigh price labeler available as a compact 2 or 3 conveyor machine
  • Choice of 108mm or 80mm wide print head
  • Quick release conveyor systems
  • Belts to be cleaned or changed with minimal machine downtime
  • The control buttons allow for easy operation of the conveyor

Check & Weigh Label 2

The HI-700’s high speed and flexible label handling offers increased production line efficiency. Windows® based PC allows easy integration with existing machines and networking. Dynamic weighing and a high speed labeler allows up to 120ppm. Color touch screen for easy and quick programming and plu selection. Quick release conveyor system.

DIGI - HI 700 Signature Labeller

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HI 700 multi-labelling high speed price labeller

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