SP 100 HR INOX flow wrapper

SP 100 HR INOX flow wrapper

Asynchronous flow wrapper built in stainless steel specially designed for shrink wrapping food products. Has a retractable band in cutting area designed to processing small or irregular products. Cross section is servomotor driven.

Wide range of applications of this machine because the input design with no pushers to limit the length of the product and because the amplitude of the cross sealing area.

· Machine built in stainless steel.
· Motorized film unwinding with adjustable mechanical perforation system.
· Machine equipped with independent motors electronically synchronized.
· Electronic speed variators in bands and sealers.
· Adjustable height sealing center by lifting the cross section.
· Touch screen that facilitates the state of the machine at all times.
· Adjusting the longitudinal sealing from touch screen.
· Control maneuver by PLC and storage of parameters up to 20 products (expandable on demand).
· Fine-tuned welding temperature regulators.
· Variable forming box.
· Constant tension of film from the maximum diameter to the minimum of the reel.
· Possibility of adjusting the sealing head, depending on the height of the product.
· Automatic waste film picker with easy access.
· Safety switch for emergency stop.
· General switches with safety systems.
· Transmission areas, chains, etc. properly closed.
· Methacrylate shields with full coverage of the welding zone.
· Direction of work from right to left. Optional left to right direction.
· Protections and safety systems in accordance with European and American standards.
· Double motorized reel holder for the drag of the film.

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