SP 100 H FR INOX flow wrapper

SP 100 H FR INOX flow wrapper

The SP 100 H R INOX is an automatic flow pack wrapper, built to wrap a wide range of products automatically with certain heat-sealing materials.

The machine has an input belt without pushers that limit the length of the product to be packaged, which is completely removable to facilitate cleaning.

The machine is used for the wrapping of solid products individually, that within the dimensions specified in the technical sheet, their protection is necessary in a certain way with respect to external agents.

The mechanical construction is robust and the operation versatile as the machine has electronic control of the different movements of the machine.


  • Machine built in stainless steel.
  • Mechanical and electronic elements of the machine at the rear inside easily accessible cabinets.
  • Direction of work from right to left, with easy access panel. LH version from left to right.


  • Feeding belt with 2500 mm loading area.
  • Product detection by photocells.
  • Product guides adapted to the product.
  • Fully removable band for off-line cleaning


  • Motorized reel holder for dragging the film.
  • Constant film tension from the maximum to the minimum diameter of the reel.
  • Self-centering double reel holder.


  • Motorized rubberized roller with variator for optimum film adjustment.


  • Variable forming box to the predetermined width of the worktop depending on the product.


  • Longitudinal sealing with independent drive.
  • 2 pairs of rollers.
    • 1st drag game. (manual opening)
    • 2nd heated set to perform the cut and weld. (pneumatic)


  • Motorized waste collector with fill detection.


  • BOX MOTION type clamp for transverse sealing actuated by servo motor.
  • Crenellated jaw. Allowing a transversal perforation and avoiding longitudinal holes in the plastic.
  • Regulation of the cutting center by mechanical-manual actuation.


  • Adjustment of bag length, cutting speed, etc from touch screen.
  • Memorization of parameters up to 100 products.
  • Non-product, non-bag function.
  • Detection of badly positioned product.
  • Stop with open transverse sealing bars.
  • Automatic stop of the machine in case of obstruction of the cross section with electronic force limiter.


  • Electronic machine equipped with independent motors (cross section, sealing rollers, belts and feeding belt).
  • 10 ”color touch screen, which facilitates the status of the machine at all times.
  • Electronic variable speed drives in bands and sealants.
  • Optimized temperature regulator via touch screen.
  • Acoustic and luminous reel end.


  • Protections and security systems in accordance with European and American standards.
  • General switches provided with safety systems.
  • Transmission areas, chains, etc.… duly closed.
  • CE certified, the machine conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE.


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