HF 32 Flow Wrapper

HF 32 Flow Wrapper

HF 32 range is a high-end horizontal flow-pack wrappers, built to pack products on a tray automatically at high speed, placing the machine in line with the filling processes. These are fed automatically without the need to be manipulated by operators.

The machine is used to wrap solid products individually, which are within the dimensions specified in the technical data sheet and some protection against external agents is necessary.

HF 32 incorporates an electronic axis control that synchronizes the cross section, the rollers and the feeding carriage, which makes the machine have versatility and flexibility in product changes, as well as a good synchronism in the required movements. This leads us to obtain high performance and features of the machine. It also incorporates a double reel holder to reduce machine downtime.

HF 32 is equipped with the latest in axis control for precise and fast changes in a fully automatic way, through a touch screen that allows to memorize more than 100 different products.

The film used can be polypropylene BOPP or complex heat sealable films.

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